Wurf Board Standing Desk Air-Spring Anti-Fatigue Mat

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The Wurf Board lets you ride the waves…of unending emails…and hang ten…Excel spreadsheets of Q3 product reports…right from your desk, all day long. The anti-fatigue mat for standing desks doesn’t just copy the surf/wakeboard aesthetic as a sales hook; with air-spring innards and a lively-reactive surface, it forces users to make micro-movements and body modifications while on it, helping to increase alertness and, unlike foam mats, improve circulation.

FDA-approved as a Class 1 medical Device the Wurf Board also alleviates the load from your back and joints with its adjustable air-spring mat. You can inflate or deflate the surface from firm to bouncy to soft based on what you need for your weight and the day’s performance. You can use the board’s 2″ curve edge to massage the arches of your feet while standing, or serve as a ledge of lower leg stretches.

Wurf Boards are anti-slip and can be used with or without shoes. The mat is also lightweight enough that you can kick it with one foot to make way for a round of sitting, or to blow off some steam after you get a message from your boss asking for a fourth rewrite of your design proposal for a VP meeting.

Wurf Boards come in sizes small, medium, and large, and vary in both dimensions and max user weights.

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