Tommy Tape Miracle Wrap – Self-Fusing Repair Tape

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Tommy Tape can you hear me? Can you see my leaky sink pipe? Tommy Tape can you help me? Can you Miracle Wrap it up tight? Tommy Tape Miracle Wrap is a self-fusing repair tape made of weatherproof silicone. Use it indoors or out for quick DIY mends of leaking pipes and utility hoses, punctured vacuum hoses, and split or frayed electrical cords and cables.

Tommy Tape Miracle Wrap repels water, ice, salt, oil, gasoline, and other harsh chemicals, drying fast after exposure to liquids. It’s also impervious to UV rays, and can block them from the items the tape is covering. Compared to traditional electrical tape, Tommy Tape says its wrap has 12 times more insulating power, withstanding temperatures of -65 to +500 degrees F without freezing, melting, or unraveling.

During application Tommy Tape Miracle Wrap can stretch to upwards of 300% its original size, and conform to objects with irregular shapes. If you mess up or later want to remove it, the non-adhesive leaves behind no stickiness or residues.

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