The Crispy Rice Cooker

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Crispy Rice Cooker?! Such a glorious machine exists?! Dude. My friend Al from junior high’s mama was Persian and used to make crispy rice every time I stayed over for dinner. Have you had crispy rice? Have you experienced its golden crust giving way to a glutinous, chewy spread of perfectly hydrated grains? Dude. I have to wipe away drool…and other fluids…just thinking about it.

I never knew how Al’s mama got her rice so perfectly encased in crispness. Neither did my own mama, who tried to make it at my request one time, and ended up serving what she called her personal twist on crispy rice: black & white rice.

Now though, 20+ years later, someone has thought to give those of us who don’t have crispy rice making in our blood a break. The Crispy Rice Cooker.

The Crispy Rice Cooker looks like a normal rice cooker that’s been squashed on the head. It has a much smaller vertical profile, but uses the same basic tech to steam uncooked rice in water. But from there, once the water has been absorbed, the Crispy Rice Cooker automatically switches to Crispy Mode, an adjustable fry setting maker Solus says will produce “perfect, crispy rice at the push of a button.” You can watch the video in the gallery above to see how the process works.

The Crispy Rice Cooker has a glass lid for monitoring, and a non-stick rice container that wipes clean with ease. Cook time is 15 to 20 minutes for lightly crisped rice, longer if you want a deeper bronzing. Each batch makes a crispy rice “cake” that can feed 3 to 4 people. Or me.

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