Steno SR Pro-1 Pocket Sized Sound Booth

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See that dude with his mouth against the Steno SR Pro-1? He’s using the pocket-sized sound booth to blow out a stirring cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Midnight Sky” on the bus to work. And thanks to the device’s 100% noise cancellation, not a single other rider will hear a thing.

Their loss.

OK, fine, he’s probably dictating an email, not doing Miley karaoke. But no one will ever know for sure because the Steno SR Pro-1 keeps private communications private with its soundproof sound booth technology. The primary purpose of the muted mic is to support conversing or transcribing in public without disrupting or sharing your words with those around you. The mini sound booth has an internal breathing port for natural, suffocation-free inhales and exhales during use, and adjustable voice tuning for customized mask performance.

The Steno SR Pro-1 says it “has the highest Dragon recognition accuracy rate of any microphone on the market,” and is compatible with any existing speech recognition software. Adapters are sold separately, but the device is compatible with smartphones, tablets, computers, and recorders.

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