Silpat Perfect Cookie Baking Sheet

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Sure, maybe the cookie dough you’ve haphazardly slopped on the sheet will taste good. Maybe you can get by with the batter that was a little too runny, or the pinball-sized dollops that grew into baseballs as you scooped along. But don’t think Santa’s going to reward inconsistent or lackadaisical effort in the kitchen. You think he’s cool with misshapen discs, burnt edges, and general ug? Look at what Santa chose as a career! Santa likes the structure and order of a workshop assembly line. Santa likes meticulous attention to detail. Santa likes perfectly shaped cookies, dammit! And for that matter, to the people who keep bringing lopsided blobs of peanut butter blossoms and castoff snickerdoodles to work, so do I.

Silpat, the best nonstick surface on the planet according to my girlfriend and her numerous baking adventures, has a Perfect Cookie Baking Mat with all of the proper dough placement locations perfectly outlined, aligned, and spaced across its surface. It’s the ultimate gift for the sloppy baker who needs to tidy it up, as well as the anal retentive baker who throws the whole batch of cookies out if a single edge creeps into another while they’re in the oven. Wrap the mat up with the OCD Cutting Board, and there’s one more bomb diggity gift checked off your list.

Silpat’s marked baking mat has a baker’s dozen indents and fits a 13 x 18 sheet pan. When making cookies, place dough balls in the inner circle to achieve perfect results that expand to the outer circles.

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