Shark Attack Glass

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Just when you thought you could enjoy a glass of beer without having your face bitten off by a shark. First the aggressive sea dwellers infiltrated our coffee mugs, and now it’s our cold beverage containers. I hear they’re even more surly and belligerent when drunk, so be especially careful when dousing them in Belgian Quads or, worse, Brewmeister’s 67.5% ABV Snake Venom.

That said, if the shark in your glass becomes too much to handle, or you grow tired of getting stitches in your upper lip, pour in some Heineken. That should kill it.

Shark Attack glasses contain the head of a great white ascending in 3D from their base. They hold 300 ml of liquid. A fun thing to do with kids is fill one with cran-raspberry juice and invite them to drink the blood of the shark’s latest victim.

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