Seedles – Regional US Wildflower Seed Balls

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Seedle on into spring with Seedles, seed balls packed with the makings of a byoo-tee-ful garden of wildflowers native to the area where you live. Seedles come in batches ready to sprout the bounties of the United States’ Pacific Northwest, Southwest, Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, and West.

In addition to looking almost as fun and colorful as the wildflowers they’ll produce, Seedles’ seed ball technology is designed to protect the seeds they house from birds, and increase the likelihood of plants taking root, and producing the blooms they promise. Planting is easy for experienced gardeners and dudes who want to cap off their thoughtful Seedles Mother’s Day gift with a thoughtful Seedles Mother’s Day service alike: just press each ball halfway into bare soil and water, and step away. Nature will take care of the rest.

Which I guess means your Seedles have an equal chance of thriving and blossoming into a summertime delight, and dying in a drought or weeklong downpour, because nature’s cruel like that.

If your pack of Seedles does take and flourish, you can also look forward to a garden of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds the wildflowers they produce will attract.

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