Second Skin Santa Bodysuit

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If your kids are afraid of Santa the jolly bearded fat man, just dress up as Santa the faceless creeper in the second skin bodysuit and show them what real terror is. Ho, ho, ho, an ocelot ate my face! Now I spread Christmas cheer by covering my entire body in belted red pantyhose! Old St. Nick’s lap will start looking like a child’s haven of comfort and joy right quick, and you’ll have unprotested photo ops of smiling, angelic young’uns forevermore.

The Santa Claus Zentai Supersuit is officially licensed by the North Pole. Even though there is a 0% chance it will keep you warm and dry in anything resembling North Pole weather like a normal Santa suit would, or hide anything resembling MILF-induced excitement like a normal Santa suit also would. Despite the costume’s all-encompassing nature, the men and women behind the mask can still see, breathe, and even drink through it while wearing it.

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