Reflective Rope

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Which is better: Stargate or Major League? You think about that for the next hundred or so words while I discuss Nite Ize’s reflective rope. Outdoorsy types and people who give two thumbs up to bondage will find the reflective strip woven into this 50′ length of rope handy for securing tents to earth or tarps to trees or arms to torsos in a way that makes it easy to spot again if you leave and come back. Reflective rope also helps increase safety for nighttime hikers and campers, and lends itself well to bear bag fastening and sail hoisting. But if you use reflective rope on a boat you can’t call it reflective rope, you have to call it reflective line or boat folk will get all pissy with you, almost as much as they will if you respond to nature’s call while on board, and accidentally pump a fat wad of toilet paper through the head.

Yes, I love the pre-meth-infested days of Charlie Sheen too, but I gotta give this one to the glowing eyes of Ra and Stargate.

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