Quaffer Double Bubble Layered Shot Glass

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It was Jimmy Quaffa’s destiny to design the Quaffer double bubble layered shot glass. Because “Quaffer” isn’t just a play on Jimmy’s name, it’s an actual, dictionary-defined noun. One that probably existed long before Papa Quaffa got Mama Quaffa all Quaffa-ed up. A quaffer is one who drinks his beverage “copiously and heartily.” Especially when that beverage is an alcoholic one, such as a fine ale or a jagerbomb.

The Quaffer is basically a shot glass with a built-in chaser. Its patented hourglass shape keeps the booze on top and follow-up on the bottom, completely separate, until you throw them back in one smooth, Bond-like gesture. Physics makes the Quaffer’s consolidated liquid storage and attractive visuals possible, since most liquor is less dense than sugar-based chasers. To set up your shot combo, pour the chaser in first, and then pour the alcohol on top against the inside of the glass, as opposed to directly into the bottom chamber.

Quaffer double bubbles hold 2.25 ounces of chaser in the bottom and 1.25 ounces of liquor on top. They come with a recipe card that includes classics such as the Irish Car Bomb and Lemon Drop, plus stranger brews, such as the Shady Lady and Freddy Fudpucker.

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