Pacsafe ProSafe TSA-Approved Key-Card Lock

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Pacsafe’s ProSafe 750 is a TSA-approved travel lock for those of us who have so many damn passwords and combinations in our lives that the thought of having to remember and fiddle with one more is enough to make our brains explode.

Isn’t it interesting how if you say something is going to make your brain explode, you mean it’s too complicated, tedious, or just bad, but if you say something has blown your mind, you mean it’s amazing or cool? It reminds me of this comedy bit from Ismo, a Finnish comedian discussing the myriad meanings and uses of the word “ass.”

Anyway, the beauty of this ProSafe key-card lock is that you don’t have to remember a combination, or tote along an extra key, because you can unlock it with an included key card that fits flat in your wallet with the rest of your cards. Just slide it along the slit at the side of the lock for fob-like access.

ProSafe 750 locks are TSA-approved because the agents can use their fancy TSA tools to open and relock them during baggage inspections. Each lock comes with two key cards.

Of course, if you already have a TSA-approved combination lock you could just write its combination on a credit card-sized piece of paper and put that in your wallet, essentially accomplishing what you would with a ProSafe 750.

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