ORORO Soft Shell Heated Jacket

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Of their soft shell heated jacket ORORO says, “This is not your grandma’s heated blanket.” Phew, that’s a relief. Because my mama has already made me some pillows out of my grandma’s old blankets, and while they’re nice and all, I can’t get the smells of Oil of Olay and Braunschweiger out of them. As much as staying warm outside this winter appeals to me, if it meant I’d have to off-gas Grandma Jo along the way, I’m not sure it would be worth it.

The ORORO jacket contains 3 carbon fiber heating elements intended to generate and retain heat across the core body areas of the left and right chest, and mid-back. Powered by a 7.4V, 4400mAh rechargeable battery, the heating system has 3 settings and a push-button operation to enable quick adjustment to a variety of exterior (or, if you’re my perpetually cold fiancee, interior) conditions.

The jacket’s soft shell is made of 100% polyester that’s been treated with a DWR coating to make it water- and wind-proof in addition to heat-making. Despite the built-in heating elements, ORORO says you can machine wash the coat without any special care. Don’t wash the battery though, ‘eh?

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