Office Ottoman Under Desk Ergonomic Foam Footrest

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Not just for shawties! That the Office Ottoman foam footrest slides underneath your desk to elevate your feet is certainly helpful for shorter and shorter-legged workers, but the curved ergonomic support can provide relief, blood circulation, and fidget fun for people of all heights. Weary feet, compressed spines, laden legs, and smooshed asses hard at work, this one’s for you!

The cushiony Office Ottoman is lined with anti-slip treads so your feet will stay put with shoes on or off. Benefits of elevating them with the foam footrest include: a more comfortable working posture and muscle/nerve pain relief, with less weight bearing down onto your low back, glutes, and legs; a massage for sore feet when using the footrest with the flat side down; and improved bloodflow throughout lower extremities when you flip the Ottoman and rock it back and forth with the rounded side down.

The Office Ottoman cover is removable for machine washing.

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