Navien Mate Water-Powered Bed Warmer

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Navien Mate endeavors to keep you toasty and cozy this winter by way of water rather than EMF waves. The bed-warming mattress topper uses hydronic rather electrical technology to send and circulate heat safely through a channeled grid.

According to Navien Mate, their water-powered bed warmer is also more efficient and eco-friendly than traditional electric mats.

The mattress topper connects to its boiler base via a 55″ hose, so you’ll have enough of a lead to set up the heating unit on a nightstand, bench, or the floor. The base allows for dual-zone, precise temperature control (so the ladies can jack it up to 970 while the dudes shut if off completely) as well as timed heating in 3-hour increments. The Navien Mate also comes with a remote control for in-bed heating adjustments, though it isn’t WiFi-connected for truly remote operation (i.e., you can’t turn it on to preheat from the living room.)

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