Mobile Laptop Desk with Adjustable Tabletop & Footrest

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Uh, is it just me or did whoever did the photoshoot for this mobile laptop desk with adjustable tabletop and footrest nail it? From conception to execution, from stilettos up to hair down, I don’t even really need a mobile laptop desk with adjustable tabletop and footrest, but if reclining in it is going to make me look as comparably relaxed and ballin’ and smokin’ hot as that lady, I really, really want one.

The portable, low-profile, and relatively cheap butt and foot seat on wheels has both a fully adjustable padded footrest and laptop desk. For your lower half, rotate the rest 360 degrees, and move it up and down to find your perfect setting. Then add a chair to start chillin’ like a CEO, even if you’re on a teacher’s salary.

The desk’s tabletop extends between 26″ and 42″ in height, and angles up-down 20 degrees. Use it as a standing desk, sit at it upright or reclined, or swivel the arm of the table so it’s in front of you on the couch or in bed.

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