Mediflow Waterbase Pillow

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All the Goldilockses of the world who are finicky about too big, too small, too puffy, and too flat, Mediflow has created a pillow they believe will always be your Just Right. The Waterbase Pillow combines a 5″ top layer of soft hypo-allergenic polyester fiber with a thin water pouch underneath to create a sleep partner that is entirely user-adjustable, and modifiable to suit every individual’s support and comfort preferences.

The pillow’s polyester upper provides the same cushy surface and head / neck conformity as standard pillows made of the same material, but with the support of the water reservoir the Waterbase Pillow won’t collapse under your weight, and wake you up to be fluffed and readjusted throughout the night. Filled with your desired amount of water, the pillow’s water pouch shifts along with you, automatically, to maintain support like a memory foam pillow, but without the “hardness” of thick foam against your face.

Mediflow recommends its Waterbase Pillow to anyone seeking to: fall asleep faster; wake up fewer times throughout the night; and reduce neck pain intensity. The pillow comes with a tool for adding / removing water that serves both as a wrench to open the watertight valve and a funnel to direct water inside. Complete filling instructions and guidelines for how much water to add are included in the Waterbase package.

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