Insta-Kilt Towel

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I’ve been wondering would there ever be a way, when I’m extracting sand and the salty ocean from my crevices, or toweling off after a shower, that I could feel as if I’m traipsing through the Scottish Highlands, communing with mossy bogs and mountain goats, and blowing “Loch Lomond” on the bagpipes. Which I have just picked up and learned to play intuitively. The answer is yes. The answer is the Insta-Kilt Towel.

Available in red, green, or blue, Insta-Kilt towels turn beach, pool, or bath time into a crowd-pleasing display of Celtic Thunder. In addition, their 100% cotton terry construction and generous 30″ x 60″ sizing renders the towels much better than traditional wool kilts for going commando without developing a curious and tortuously itchy rash that requires continuous doses of Benadryl, or the application of cortisone to one’s junk.

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