Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer

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Bottle opener? Sure, every man needs one. Bottle resealer though? For my 4.2% Bud Light? What kind of man doesn’t finish his bottle of beer?

OK, two kinds. One, the kind of man who is a total girl. And two, the kind of man who cracks open a $12 liter of Belgian Triple after 5 shots of Jack Daniel’s, and then starts chunking up nachos and mozzerella cheese sticks and bits of the Colonel’s secret recipe before taking his first sip. When we’re talking 9% craft foreign imports, or even domestic microbrews in the big ol’ bottles they’re circulating these days, that shizit is way too expensive to let go to waste just because its intended recipient’s liquor tolerance has checked out for the evening.

At 3.5″ long, the Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer slips conveniently into pockets, and corrals the freshness back into bottles just as easily as it lets it out. The resealer guarantees a beer-tight cloak, with no leaks even if the bottle is turned upside down, or shaken as part of the explosive carbonation prank that never gets old. And if you’re hiking or on a picnic and have the sort of luck that goes: crack open a cold one; cue pissing rain, the Hermetus will at least aid you in preserving the one thing you’ve been waiting all damn day to enjoy for indoor consumption at a later time.

Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealers work on bottles with 26 mm caps (US standard) and 29 mm caps (craft and large European brews). To use, flip the opener over, use the metal guides to grip the bottle rim, and slide the implement’s rubbery panel over the opening to create the seal of tightness and freshness. Instructions are also engraved on the opener’s chrome-plated metal.

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