Good Grips 3-in-1 Egg Separator

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I am the grandaddy master of the universe at separating eggs. If I do say so myself. I spent several hours learning how to perform this act of culinary prowess in 5th grade and…it’s like riding a bike. I’ve never looked back. The reason I have egg separation training is that when I was in elementary and middle school, my mama always sought out ways to make me stay there longer so she could do things she actually enjoyed instead of taking care of me. (As payback, I have yet to move out of her house.)

One year the school offered a 3-week series of mini courses in various extracurricular pursuits, such as dodgeball, model airplane building, and magic tricks. But I didn’t get signed up in time to secure one of those. Or any course acceptable for a 10-year-old male to take. I got stuck with cake baking and decorating. Where I learned, with the precision of a Jonin Ninja…or, like, a chef…how to separate an egg.

And yes, I also make impeccable rosettes.

For those who haven’t been professionally schooled in the technique of putting an egg’s yolk in one bowl and whites in another, here’s a 3-in-1 egg separator from OXO for you. To use, hook the oval pod to the side of a bowl to create an edge for egg cracking. Release the cracked egg into the separator’s dish, where a shallow basin will catch errant pieces of shell and prevent egg gloop from running down the outside of the bowl. Then…ummm…the directions stop there. No word on where the whites and the yolks go or how they part ways. Wamp, wamp.

Lucky for you I’m an expert in this field, and therefore feel confident filling in OXO’s blanks. The whites go through porous openings in the separator and flow into the receptacle below. The yolks go to chicken fetus heaven.

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