Flyby Hangover Prevention & Recovery Pills

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“Take 3 capsules before drinking with food and water. Take another 3 right before bed.” Ooooh, good advice. But before I drink I feel like Wonder Wom- uh, I mean, Wolverine, who doesn’t need no stinkin’ hangover prevention. And right after I wrap it up, I feel like my 2-year-old nephew, who has no sense of sensibility, and not much more motor function. So how’s about I take my Flyby pills the next morning?

Flyby, like most other alcohol supplements, is best taken before and/or right after your consume, but with ingredients shown to help metabolize alcohol-induced toxins, and prevent hangover symptoms like nausea, dry mouth, and loss of appetite, if you’re illin’ on the flip side, a few morningtime capsules could help them Flyby.

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