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I see how the ease of just tossing a blaring alarm clock on its head to turn it off could be very dangerous for some people. If you don’t have to work for the deactivation–dig for a minuscule button, chase a rolling or flying clock around your room, complete a 6th-grade-level math problem–you’re back to REM stage and the kids are hitching a ride to school.

Myself though, while I’m an advocate and avid practitioner of snoozing, once I actually turn my alarm off, the pulsing cocktail of anxiety I inherited from my mama starts flowing through my veins, and my fear of missing whatever I’m supposed to get up for overtakes my desire to go back to sleep. So Lexon’s Flip clock appeals to me. Because it’s one of those simple, nifty ideas like the Panny key block that brings an approving smile to my face. Followed by a tinge of resentment that I didn’t win the Red Dot design Award or any of the profits from its creation.

Flip clock operation is as you’d guess: when you see the “On” the alarm is set; when “Off” shows it’s not; and to squelch the ringing when it sounds, give it a 180. Flip’s digital display also flips with clock so the time is always right side up. And the snooze button has not been forgotten.

Flip clocks are made of rubber and come in a pride parade of colors.

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