ESEE Izula II Knife

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ESEE’s Izula takes its name from the Peruvian jungle’s biggest, baddest, meanest…ant. Isula with an “s” in Spanish. If you know your ants, you’ll know it as the bullet ant. And if you know your knives, you’ll know ESEE doesn’t F around with theirs. This issue, the Izula II is 1/2″ longer in the handle than the original Izula and has canvas Micarta handle scales. Its 2.63″ blade and 6.75″ overall length make it an easy fit on the belt or around the neck for fishing, camping, and playing handyman on the weekends. Like its insect counterpart, ESEE built the knife light but tough, with a potent sting courtesy of a 1095 carbon steel blade.

Additional Izula II features include a wear-resistant textured powder coat finish, a pommel hole for snapping on a carabiner, thumb grippers on the spine, and glowing reviews on Amazon. Blade thickness is 0.156″ and knife weight 3.2 ounces.

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