Easy Outdoor Zero Gravity Rocking Chaise Lounge

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I’m feeling easy / Easy Outdoor Zero Gravity Rocking Chaise Lounge like Sunday morning. Admittedly this outdoor lounger looks like a bit of a…contraption…to assemble and use, with its multi-plane seat frame and foot actuated rocking lever and 14 gauge steel tubing protruding all over the place like some Pilates torture machine. But once you’ve got all that sorted out – established the lay of the lounger, if you will – the Zero Gravity Rocking Chaise Lounge should ride like a breeze.

And make you feel like you’re riding one yourself.

According to Easy Outdoor, their lounger’s seat frame design both elevates your legs and distributes your body weight equally across its surface, making it more comfortable than traditional lounge chairs, and improving blood circulation during use. The footrest is adjustable and controls your rocking motion, including stopping it altogether with a grounding post. The seat is also adjustable from upright to full reclining positions.

The Zero Gravity Rocking Chaise Lounge is 82″ long x 32″ tall, and can store vertically when not in use.

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