Dirty Neighbors Game

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Dirty Neighbors introduces itself with “This Game Is Not for You,” which I think is pretty presumptive because it doesn’t even know me yet, and also I got a quick look at one of its cards and saw the word “masturbating” on it, so I am actually pretty sure this game is definitely for me. And I don’t want to make any judgments about your personality, but I’m guessing if you’re here, reading about this raunchy, raucous party game filled with dirty prompts seeking dirtier fill-in-the-blanks, Dirty Neighbors is for you too.

Dirty Neighbors expands the fun of adult card games with a framework that allows for play with a few (3) or a ton (10+) people, plus gives players the creative freedom to make up their own answers to card prompts. Each round, one player takes on the role of Dirty Neighbor, and draws a Dirty Card to read aloud. Everyone else comes up with their own fill-in of the card’s blank, which ultimately describes another designated neighbor at the table (e.g., person to your left, person second to your right.) Hilarity / offense / arguments / makeouts / neck punches ensue as the Dirty Neighbor collects and reads the cards aloud, and chooses the best answer for the round. The player who wrote it gets the card and a point.

Dirty Card prompt examples include:

  • “Player to your left got caught masturbating at ______.”
  • “Player second to your right’s best part of the day is ______.”
  • “Player to your right use ______ as a makeshift weapon in a prison riot.”
  • “Player to your left’s genitals are named ______.”

Dirty Neighbors includes 250 Dirty Cards, plus 20 wrench-throwing Neighborhood Watch Cards that can turn up to deduct points from those who have earned them. The winner of the game is the first to collect 5 cards. Note: The loser of the game may also be the first to collect 5 cards, depending on how much the winning answers pissed off their subjects. Click here to get some Dirty Neighbors of your own.

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