DermaTherapySPORT Athletic Bedding

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DermaTherapySPORT bedding evolved around athletes and studies suggesting how dramatically sleep quality can affect athletic performance. But the essence of these elite sheets is their fabric technology, a woven system DTS says will keep any snoozer cooler, drier, and more comfortable throughout the night. So really the bedding is specially calibrated for athletes…or anyone like myself who is a decidedly non-athlete, but still finds himself regularly waking up amidst sweat-soaked pillows and feeling hotter than a whore house on nickel night.

Now I have tried bamboo sheets on someone’s recommendation that they would keep me cooler than cotton or whatever else people make sheets out of, but found they serve that purpose 0%. If DermaTherapySPORT sheets can make it even to 50% they’d be worth my investment.

DTS also notes their bedding tech is the only one with FDA 510(K) clearance as a medical device for people susceptible to atopic dermatitis (i.e., eczema). Sheets and pillow cases are antimicrobial too, so they’ll help ward off bed bugs and bacterial stank.

DermaTherapySPORT compares its performance sheets to any other piece of performance wear we might use for sports, workouts, or, in the case of yoga pants, shopping, working, driving, dining…. They say the bedding will help users reach their max REM sleep and improve overall sleep quality. A good night’s sleep, in turn, will improve performance and recovery in athletes, plus cognitive skills, memory, and even diet in anyone consistently able to sleep well.

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