CubeFit Pulse Vibrating Foam Roller

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Bzzzzt! No, it’s not your phone vibrating. Nope, it’s not the other kind of vibrating gadget in your household either. This is the CubeFit Pulse Vibrating Foam Roller. It has no messages for you, no push notifications, and unless you’re a masochist, it’s probably not going to get you anywhere near an orgasm.

Well. On second thought, I guess that depends on where you put it. The CubeFit Pulse does have 8 different vibration intensity settings, ranging from 450 all the way up to 3600 rpm! I wonder how that compares to the Womanizer.

As a foam roller, the CubeFit Pulse is a medium density muscle kneader and fascia blaster; that is, it’s not too hard and not too soft. When you want to vibe along with your rolls, use the LED vibration speed dial to select your preferred intensity, and the Pulse’s auto timer / shutoff feature will activate to give you a perfect 15 minutes of roll time on the clock.

The vibrating foam roller is cordless, powered by a rechargeable li-ion battery that lasts up to 12 hours.

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