Covert Coffee Concealment Insert

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The Covert Coffee concealment insert is a head-scratcher. So it’s a jar, non-buoyant and water-tight, that you can fill with your small valuables, seal up, and hide away from prying eyes. Inside your to-go cup of coffee. It was mostly designed for use in the car, under the assumptions that no one who breaks in is going to want: 1) to steal your 16-ounce triple caramel latte (not necessarily and fool-proof assumption); or 2) take off the lid and dig around inside the latte just in case you decided to stash some weed or hundos there.

I dispute neither of these assumptions. But. The people who don’t want to dig around with their fingers inside my triple caramel latte include, uh, me. If I Covert Coffee up my weed and hundos, I’m the one who has to get them back out. Also – also! – what a waste of a triple caramel latte! Obviously I can’t continue drink it with a concealment jar dead weight barreling towards my plastic lid with every sip, and once I fish it back out, I mean, isn’t the coffee going to taste like…jar?

I guess the Covert Coffee insert would be a fine addition to an empty paper coffee cup, and still serve its inconspicuous purpose reasonably well, but I can’t figure out why its sellers keep trying to push the “It’s water-tight!” and “It won’t float!” angles.

Anyway, if you still want one, Covert Coffee capsules are made of food-grade plastic, and will fit in most standard 8- to 20-ounce disposable coffee cups.

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