Couchmaid Table Top

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The only thing that could improve the experience of sinking my ass into a couch would be being able to set my sodie and plate of waffle fries down right next to me. Like, immediately adjacent to my sunken ass. This would eliminate the unpleasant lean-and-reach motion I must currently execute to access my snacks, and basically make my life perfect. It’s a good thing my mama owes me a present for throwing my shoe at that spider for her the other day. I think a Couchmaid form-fitting table top for the prime sofa real estate to the left of me is a mere 3 to 5 days’ delivery time from being mine.

The flexible, solid wood Couchmaid fits over sofa cushions or arms to create a flat surface for food and beverage placement. It can also convert an ottoman into a coffee table, or roll and pack away for travel use as a laptop desk. The middle of the table top was designed to absorb moisture, so drink coasters are not necessary. Couchmaid trays measure 16-1/2″ long x 13-1/4″ wide and come in colors walnut and white.

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