Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft

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Kids, Clear Bottom Rafts & Cartilaginous Creatures: it’s a Shark Week Special – don’t miss it!

Nah, it’s not. But it should be. The AQUAVUE Voyager provides the ideal backdrop for unscripted encounters between curious and unassuming tykes, and giant jawed predators. Only the chill and well-fed ones, of course. I’m not trying to risk kiddos’ lives floating above a great white, just trying to create an exciting and healthy learning experience for them. That may produce hilarious bloopers and videos I can make some sweet GIFs out of in the process.

The centerpiece of the AQUAVUE Voyager is obviously its large, clear bottom viewing window. Sit, lie, or, if you’re wee enough, walk on the transparent panel to get a look at all the wonders of the water below. Even if it’s just Dad smashing his face up against the raft’s underside.

The Voyager has 2 air valves suitable for mouth, hand pump, or electric pump inflation, and a quick air-release valve for deflation.

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