Black & Tan Beer Layering Tool

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I myself prefer Snakebites to Black and Tans, but really I just like straight whiskey. Less filling and makes it slightly more bearable to be around all the microbrew snobs who insist on “crafting” their layered drinks only from local beers boasting hard water that’s been filtered 978 times and hops grown fertilized with unicorn poop. If you’re one of them, or if you’re just a normal, chill person who enjoys an aesthetically pleasing half-and-half at home every now and then, the Perfect Black and Tan tool will help you create the perfect, pub-style layered beer drinks in your kitchen.

The stainless steel Black and Tan disc funnels and slows the release of your top stout layer through a ring of small holes, allowing it to land gently on and stay afloat of the ale/lager bottom. According to The Perfect people, mastering the skill of layered drink creation requires no skills whatsoever with their Black and Tan tool.

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