BackShield – Back Support for Posture & Back Pain

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BackShield is for bad back seat drivers. As in drivers who feel like they have a bad back every time they sit in the driver’s seat. A portable, ergonomic back support, BackShield claims it will: 1) fix your posture; and 2) enable you to sit for hours, whether behind the wheel or behind the computer screen, pain-free.

The BackShield outer frame is a sturdy second “backbone” for your spine, made of ABS plastic molded to support the vertebrae’s natural curvature, and prevent it from torquing or taking on any unnatural curves. In other words, the support is intended to prevent slouching, which its makers say will ultimately train you to sit (and stand) with improved posture whether you’re using the BackShield or not.

The inner portion of the BackShield – the part your back makes contact with – is called the Lift Zone. This patented area uses a patented combination of stiffness, materials, and design to help lift your backbone and alleviate spinal compression along the entire length of your spine. In addition to relieving low back pain, the Lift Zone addresses stress and tension in your neck and shoulders to provide total back comfort and relief.

The BackShield has a slim profile and clip strap for easy, non-bulky attachment to most car seats and desk chairs.

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