BackJoy Posture & Back Comfort Seat

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A butt cup? Ten years ago I would have laughed my ass off if someone offered me one. But now that I’m old and decrepit with postural kyphosis and chronic low back pain, that laughing ass can’t wait to plop itself down in BackJoy’s posture corrector and spinal comfort seat.

The BackJoy Posture+ seat is a simple piece of concave plastic designed to promote dynamic sitting and turn any surface into one that does the body as much good as milk did circa 2000 Rebecca Romijn. Its patented shape cups the glute muscles to relieve pressure and strain on tail and sit bones, while the seat’s curvature tilts hips upright for ideal, balanced posture with little effort on the sitter’s part. The intended result: a stable pelvis and spine, engaged core muscles, comfortable seating, and a back that remains healthy even on days I don’t move from my Xbox One chair for 16 hours straight.

BackJoy Posture+ seats are weatherproof for use outdoors as well as in. They also come in several different colors so you can protect your anatomical structure and show your team spirit while using one in the stands. Seats provide posture adjustments and spinal protection for people weighing up to 300 pounds.

Muchas danke to Bless This Stuff.

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