Astrosex: Have the Best Sex According to Your Star Sign

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I have so many sexy questions about The Astrosex Series. The first one is obvious: do I want to have the best sex according to my star sign? Well I’m no president of the Astrology Fan Club, but if by “best sex” Astrosex actually means, “best sex”, then you bet your Pisces I want to have the best sex according to my star sign.

But that brings us to my second question: what if my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power, feels the same? What if she too wants to have the best sex according to her star sign, which is not the same star sign as my star sign? Do we have to draw straws to determine which one of us gets to have the best sex?

Which brings us to my third question, and also perhaps answers it: why are Virgo, Libra, and Leo the only astrological signs pictured alone on their Astrosex Series book covers? Everyone else gets a partner and a fun sex position. It’s as if these images are insinuating Virgo, Libra, and Leo have the best sex by themselves. As if – aha! – these clever zodiac devils have figured out the workaround to my second question above.

Written by Erika W. Smith, under consultation from The Stars, The Astrosex Series tailors sex positions, turn-ons, sex toys, and masturbation tips to the 12 signs of the zodiac. From Aquarius to Capricorn, each sign gets its own celestial-infused, and illustrated!, hardback.

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