9′ Tall Inflatable Squid Halloween Costume

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Looks…squid-shy. A 9′ tall inflatable squid Halloween costume is going to make a lot of things about life difficult while you’re wearing it. Dancing. Sitting down. Walking through doorways. Dude. Peeing or pooing. Better camel up and stay away from the fried foods that night. No one wants a diarrhetic giant squid busting through the gaps in the bathroom stall he’s destroying as a Halloween gift.

But so too will a 9′ tall inflatable squid Halloween costume make a lot of things about life way better while you’re wearing it. Smiles and kudos on your excellent costume pick. Ladies asking if they can squeeze and tug your tentacles. And a built-in assurance that everyone will stay at least 6′ away from you.

A highly-rated member of Spooktacular Creations’ inflatable costume line, the Inflatable Squid Halloween Costume runs on a continual air pump powered by 4 x AA batteries. Wranglers ready to step inside the leggy red cephalopod can control its front arms with a set of strings.

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