6,000,000-volt Flashlight Stun Gun

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And, ladies, since the pink one looks like some kind of pleasure toy, an attacker will never see this flashlight’s 6,000,000 volts of Go F with someone else coming. Guard Dog Security’s Inferno stun gun lights the way and keeps it safe as a flashlight whose (fleshlight-looking) cover slides off to reveal a quad of prongs that charge and fire two simultaneous sparks. Guard Dog thinks the sound they make along could be loud enough to recoil an attacker. A fully rubberized, non-slip body supports complete user control of the Inferno, whether it is in use as a weapon or a simple household illuminator. A safety on/off switch and safety cap prevent the stun gun portion of the tool from an accidental discharge or activation by children.

The Inferno is rechargeable and includes a charging cord, plus a nylon holster. Also of note: it gets a 4-1/2 star average with around 175 Amazon reviews.

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