6-Outlet Surge Protector with Dual USB Ports

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Over 5,400 Amazon reviewers are eager to share their experiences with Belkin’s SurgePlus, a wall-mounted surge protector with 6 outlets and 2 USB ports. Over 5,400! And they give it an average rating of 4 stars! That’s quite the following. This must be the Gandhi or, like, Alessandra Ambrosio of surge protectors.

According to Belkin, the SurgePlus’ 900 joule energy rating will safely power a half dozen Japanese electric piston masturbators…or any other AC device…in home or office environments. Two USB ports on the top of the unit also combine to deliver 2.1 AMPs of power to the likes of tablets and smartphones.

The SurgePlus saves space with its wall-mountable design, and once plugged in flashes an indicator light if the source outlet is not properly grounded. In addition to supporting up to 900 joules of electrical influx, the surge protector uses oversized metal oxide varistors to absorb electricity and release it as heat. Its hard plastic housing protects the circuits within from fire, impact, and rust.

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