46″-Tall Wine Glass

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This 46″-tall wine glass is both a step up and a step down from the Guzzle Buddy.

Step up: it holds way more wine. Maybe even a Nebuchadnezzar’s worth, though the only measurement I can find for the glass is its 46″ height, no info on the globe’s volume. Suffice it to say, though, that could be one big ass glass of Cab to drown your sorrows – maybe even your whole body if you’re not careful! – in.

Step down: despite holding an enormous amount of delicious wine, the 46″ tall wine glass presents no good way of drinking from it. No super long straw. No extra-large sippy cup lid. Not even an oversized ladle for transferring wine from 46″ glass to 7″ glass punch bowl-style.

Step down / up: The reality is that a 46″-tall wine glass is not a very realistic wine glass to drink from. And given its price, it’s not even that great of a gag gift for that trash-talking wino who calls herself your mother-in-law. But, if you have a true oenophile in your family or friend circle, the 46″-tall wine glass could make a great foodie gift as part of their home or bar decor.

The glass is begging to be filled with corks, but will also accept festive tinsel and balls and other party decor, terrarium treatments, betta fish, and the coins you’re saving up to buy that Nebuchadnezzar of Burgundy.

For those WTF-ing my use of a ancient Babylonian king to talk about wine, a Nebuchadnezzar is what those kooky wine kids call the largest wine vessel produced – it’s a bottle that holds 20 standard-sized, 750mL bottles of wine.

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