24 Days of Sex & Seduction Advent Calendar

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Advent calendars are making a play for the top Christmas trend of 2019. I’ve never seen so many available in the US. And I’ve definitely never seen a 24 Days of Sex & Seduction Advent Calendar in the US, or anywhere else, before this year. It’s cool to buy an advent calendar as a gift for yourself, right?

The 24 Days of Sex & Seduction Advent Calendar serves as a reminder that in the days of shopping, cooking, wrapping, drinking, eating, caroling, and work partying leading up to Christmas we shouldn’t neglect another fun holiday tradition: sex. Yes, I know, sex is a fun everyday tradition, but what with the Santa hats and elf stockings, cold weather and whipped cream in abundance leading up to to day itself, sex in December is a most gratifying experience some of us might find ourselves too busy to partake in.

And then once we realize it, it’s the office holiday party or New Year’s Eve, and horniness ends up overshadowing decision-making skills.

But with the 24 Days of Sex & Seduction Advent Calendar you can keep your needs in check from day December 1. Each of the 24 windows opens to reveal a new move to keep things hot during the otherwise icy and depressing days leading up to Christmas.

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