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ResQBattery Micro-USB Disposable Phone Battery

Best Disposable Micro-USB Phone Battery

Having a backed-up phone these days is a necessary component for keeping professional life functional. The advent of modern technologies has made cell phones the primary component of our lives, but at the same time fast draining batteries could be a problem for many.

Not Anymore! Because this disposable micro USB phone battery gives you an emergency battery backup when you’ve nowhere to charge phone batteries. No matter where you move; this disposable yet pocket-friendly phone battery can facilitate anywhere we go.

The issues regarding fast draining phone batteries have always been a source of discomfort for many people. They have to face losses in their businesses because of the lack of timely communication. So, this is the thing we can’t put at risk.

We can’t let you waste your time in search of a perfect phone battery, even you don’t need to worry about charging your phone all the time. We are here to help you out with the problem of outdated batteries. Give it a read to reveal the revolutionary product for mobile phone users.

What Is the Best Disposable Phone Battery?
We are here to mark a full stop on the search for the top disposable microphone battery. The following description will help you in finding the right answer to your question.

ResQ Battery Micro-USB Disposable Phone Battery
Product Specifications:
Features Details
Current Delivered 1300mAH
Compatibility Windows, Blackberry, and Android
Shelf life 5 years
Colors Grey, Black, And Yellow
Eco-Friendly Yes

Key Features:
o Disposable Battery – ResQ Battery is a wonderful addition to the list of disposable batteries. The problem of harming the ecosystem seen with the previous gears is not the one you can experience with it. All you can use this battery and flick easily into the trash as if it were never even there.

o Compact & Portable – The size of this Micro-USB battery is so small that it can easily fit in a standard-sized pocket. Make it a part of your camping pants without utilizing adequate space; a perfect gear for anyone on the go.

o Easy Fast Charging – The Micro-USB port allows connection with different devices and provides the ease of getting devices charged if you are missing out on a socket.

o No Electricity Needed – Revive the life of your phone when you are left with no charging, thanks to this disposable battery, giving you more than 5 hours of battery backup, especially when you need the most in emergency.

o Environmentally Friendly – The environment-friendly feature makes it the best option for outdoor camping trips, where you can’t afford to cut connections with the global world because of charging issues.

o Certified Product – This fantastic disposable battery is certified by FCC- and CE, which leaves no doubt about its safety and durability, making it a perfect addition to your tech lifestyle. Moreover, the shelf life of this battery is 5 years, and is adequate to make it a hard-wearing battery.

o Perfect for Gifts – Instead of giving gifts that are of no use except being a decoration piece, gift this battery to your friends as it serves an important purpose.
Key Benefits:

The list of benefits is long enough to describe this disposable battery. Some of the commonly enjoyed perks are as follows:
• Five years long shelf life indicates exceptional durability.
• Enjoy more than five hours of talk and text time easily.
• Compatible with various devices, such as Android, Blackberry, or iOS
• Disposed of after usage, as it were never even there.
• Easy to use, thanks to its micro USB connector system.
• The best gift within reasonable pricing for tech lovers.
• Small size fits easily in the pocket or bag pack to carry anywhere.
• Delivers requisite amount of current at a single time.
• Made of following environment-friendly rules.
This is an appropriate solution for those who are adamant to go on camping trips and don’t want to compromise the battery life of their phones, especially in case of emergency. It’s also worth it for those who frequently go on business trips and don’t have enough time to charge their mobile phone. So, bring this fantastic gear to match your fast paced lifestyle and never run out of phone’s battery with this disposable battery.
Order your item and gift it to your partner before he says: Honey, I want that. Enjoy the unlimited features of the ResQ Micro-USB Disposable phone battery and thank us later.

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